DAx - Instrumental analysis in chemistry has reached high levels of sophistication. Many powerful separation techniques are available, with our capillary electrophoresis systems. All these techniques still require two crucial final steps to generate interpretable results: Data Acquisition and Data Analysis. DAx takes care of both.

DAx has excellent Data Acquisition qualifications:


DAx Data Acquisition

This Windows based software package uses the information in the WinPrinCE worklist to acquire and analyse the data generated from each sample run. The package contains many CE-specific data handling parameters such as mobility values and mobility correction.

DAx software

Data Manipulation

Filtering can be done with moving average, Savitzky-Golay or optimum (Fourier) filters. Very powerful data overlays for comparison and identification purposes. Overlays can be scaled, off set and stretched to give the best data overlap. Data can easily be moved between windows with drag and drop operations.

Baselines and Peaks

All the integration parameters can be derived from the measurement data automatically. From the initial measurement data, baselines are constructed so the peaks are easily found above or below the constructed baseline. In addition to this DAx has highly effective options for manual baseline and peak adjustments.

DAx software

Component Identification

Identification databases can be constructed to automatically identify peak components within a sample. Various qualifying parameters can be used for this, including, migration time and apparent or effective mobility


Peaks can be quantified using several different parameters: Peak Height, Peak Area and Migration Time Corrected Area.


DAx is capable of acquiring data from more than one channel at a time. This will allow the user to manipulate data from more than one instrument on one computer. Another useful option is to record the current, voltage or temperature during the run with the electropherogram. This record of current can help in method transfer and as an integrity of the analysis.

DAx software


DAx adheres to the standards of Good Laboratory Practice with name registration, data manipulation logging, preservation of raw data and files which cannot be overwritten. An audit trail is available which should give compliance to any regulatory protocol.