DAx 3D

Supplied as standard with the PrinCE/-C 700 systems, DAx 3D builds upon the DAx platform, offering Data Acquisition and Data Analysis functionality in addition to analytical control.

Data acquisition

Combined peak list

DAx 3D searches for peaks in individual traces pertaining to wavelengths or wavelength ranges. Combined peak lists display a cumulative list of peaks found in all traces in a trace window.

Peak Purity

DAx 3D is able to determine peak purity by comparing the spectrum at the beginning of a peak with the spectrum at the end of a peak. The relative peak height where these spectra should be taken can be specified. The correlation between the early and late spectra is used as a measure for peak purity. A high degree of correlation indicates that a spectrum that has changed little during the peak, making it likely that the peak contains a single pure compound.

Spectral Library

DAx 3D offers a spectral library with the following features.


As in earlier versions of DAx, completely user configurable reports can be created, containing 3D color plots, trace plots, and spectrum plots. The combined peak list can also be displayed as part of a report.