PrinCE Next EMASS-II Ion source

For coupling the Capillary Electrophoresis to a Mass Spectrometry, Prince Technologies offers the EMASS-II ion source.

PrinCE Next|840

The PrinCE Next EMASS-II ion source incorporates an EOF driven sheath liquid flow electrospray emitter technology. In this novel sheath-flow CE-MS interface design; sheath liquid is supplied through a vial comprising an electrode. The vial is in liquid communication with the electrospray emitter interior through a tee. When the electrode is connected to an external high voltage power supply, electroosmotic flow of the sheath liquid is generated from the borosilicate glass emitter surface. The sheath liquid flows across the outlet of the separation capillary, where it entrains the analyte liquid prior to exiting through the opening at the electrospray emitter tip, producing a nanospray generated by electrokinetic flow of the sheath liquid, thus minimizing dilution of the CE effluent. Compared with a typical sheath-flow CE-MS interface, this innovative design results in significant increase in sensitivity and robustness.

Key features

PrinCE Next EMASS–II Ion source
  • EOF-driven sheath liquid flow interface
  • Nanoflow sensitivity
  • High electrospray efficiency
  • Extremely robust
  • Established CE-MS methods for peptide mapping and reduced monoclonal antibody intact mass analysis

Further Information