PrinCE Next|800 Series – Capillary Electrophoresis Systems

An unsurpassed range of reliable, high-performance analytical instruments, assays and software.

  • High capacity 96 well plate handling

  • Unsurpassed injection accuracy

  • Dual-zone temperature control (buffer/sample)

  • Choice of detection techniques

PrinCE Next|840

PrinCE Next|840

The PrinCE Next|840 is a start-up capillary electrophoresis system, comprised of an inlet autosampler with a flexible external capillary outlet. The system is supplied with a PC, a start-up kit and pre-installed Clarity for PrinCE Next software for data-acquisition and analyses. It is designed for easy, user-friendly operation with fast and reliable precision for routine analyses, providing maximum versatility.

Key Features

PrinCE Next|840
  • User replaceable sample and buffer trays
  • Pressure injection from 96 well plate
  • Ultra short capillary length to external detectors
  • Coupling to a wide selection of external detectors such as LIF, Conductivity and Mass Spectrometry
  • Sufficient capillary compartment space for external remote detector cells, giving you a whole new range of research possibilities
  • High performance capillary cooling with high air flow speed
  • Allows robotic arms to operate the unique designed sliding door as well as load and unload well plates for unattended operation
  • Full temperature control of sample and buffer cooling during injection and analyses
  • Broad range of accessories and consumables
  • Regulatory compliance tools (optional)

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