PrinCE Next|800 Series – Capillary Electrophoresis Systems

An unsurpassed range of reliable, high-performance analytical instruments, assays and software.

  • High capacity 96 well plate handling

  • Unsurpassed injection accuracy

  • Dual-zone temperature control (buffer/sample)

  • Choice of detection techniques

Technology leaders

Our unsurpassed experience in CE detection and analysis systems has led us to develop the unique PrinCE platform. Developed and refined over a number of years, and offering unmatched integration and flexibility, it is comprised of a range of technologies which can be used and re-used in a wide variety of ways.

Our Automated Sample Injection System is a good example. The most accurate and reliable injection unit on the market, based on our leading Dynamic Compression Injection (DCI) technology.

Whereas other systems suffer from variations in pressure and voltage during the injection process, our DCI system offers a precise, reliably controlled application environment.

Delivering precise pressure and voltage ramping and advanced temperature control, it guarantees reproducible and accurate results across a wide range of applications. It also dispenses with the need for an external pressure source and is fully programmable in terms of upslope, downslope and in-run voltages and pressure.

Further information

Typical CE systems

Diagram showing how other injection systems do not offer consistent ramp up/down rates

Other systems produce variable and unpredictable voltage / pressure curves.


Diagram showing how the PrinCE Dynamic  Compression Injection technology produces linear, precisely controlled ramp up/down rates

Our system offers accurate, reproducible precision every time.