PrinCE and PrinCE Next – Capillary Electrophoresis Systems

An Unsurpassed Range of Reliable, High-Performance Analytical Instruments, Assays and Software.

The CE Experts

As the only company in the world to focus on CE, we’ve used our unique expertise to develop modular and flexible analytical solutions, and our range of powerful and reliable CE products has been field-tested for years.

Our CE systems offer high performance separation, identification and quantification for size, shape and charged analyses as for entangled polymer solutions, or selected stationary phases commonly used in chromatography. Applications are endless, with Prince offering modules and programmable parameters to fit individual needs.

Support Materials

A full range of software, buffers, kits and consumables are available for all of our instruments. We also offer comprehensive support documentation for our instruments and buffers, in the form of application notes and leaflets.

PrinCE Next|800 series

Combining robust injection with high precision and accuracy. Supports 300μl, 2ml vials and/or 96 well plates.