Advanced Capillary Electrophoresis Systems, Accessories and Support

Prince Technologies offers a wide range of CE and CEC systems, software and kits tailored for a variety of applications and markets.

Comprehensive Product Support

Prince Technologies'products are fully supported with ancillary consumables, kits and application notes.



Consumables, Accessories, Buffers and Kits

CE-to-Mass Spectrometry Interface

The PrinCE Next EMASS-II Ion Source product provides a novel means of connecting a wide range of third-party CE analysers to the powerful MS method, offering enhanced robustness and sensitivity.

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Business-to-Business Products and Services


Tailor Made Instrument Design, Development and Contract Manufacturing

Instrument design and development projects from idea generation to commercialisation followed by manufacturing of the end product.

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Customised Capillary Electrophoresis Systems, Analysers and High Throughput Autosamplers

Our advanced PrinCE Next platform and Autosamplers, for use with capillaries or tubing, are available for OEM licensing.

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OEM Components: Proven Technology to produce Custom Product Lines and Solutions

The unique and proven technology used in our range of products are, whether or not customised, available as OEM Component.

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